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Stephanie and her two preschool children were brought to us at 2am by CPS.  She was found trespassing and living without electric or water.  We were able to give them shelter, help with food and safety for four months.  Stephanie had a job but was not making enough to afford housing and utilities.  By stay with us she was able to save funds and work with CPS to find a place of her own.  We were able to help with household items and furniture when they moved in to an apartment. The family is doing while after two years.  Stephanie has remained at her job and moved up in the company.


William came to us as a homeless man with a drinking problem.  He started by coming for lunch on Sunday, then he added a monthly shower but when the weather began to heat up he moved on.  He returned in July which was odd as the homeless didn't hang around when the temperature reached 100+.  He began sleeping outside the buildings and leaving during the day to drink but between the heat and the alcohol he got sick.  We took him to the hospital to get his Abdomen pumped because he was building up fluid.  He ended up sleep day and night for 3 months in our multi-purpose room on a mattress.  He had to have his abdomen pumped two more times and we did not know if he was going to survive, his liver was shutting down.  That was three years ago.  Today Will is sober and thank-full someone cared.  His liver is bad but with proper medical and diet he leads a comfortable life.  He has become our grounds keeper and likes to do odd jobs as his ways of pay-back for a place to live.

Jim and Stacy had been living off the land and wandering homeless on their own for almost ten years. They met each other and decided to travel with each other wherever they went. Stacy was an alcoholic. Jimmy was just running from life. They showed up one day because they heard that we offered showers and that stared a long process. Stacy made her way through counseling and rehab and made it two years sober. Jimmy had some health issues, and went in to get checked by a cardiologist. Three major arteries were 99, 97, 95 % clogged to the point that Jimmy was flown to a major hospital, had triple bypass and was told that when he arrived, he had 10 minutes to one hour and his condition would have been fatal. After Jimmy’s recovery they continued to grow in their relationship and were eventually married. They were given a 34 foot travel trailer and eventually set off to make a life together. That was over a year ago, Stacy and Jimmy are still together and Stacy is still sober and working to put her life back together and heal family bonds.

Not every story ends up being a success story but all we can do is plant seeds and keep on helping those in need. Sometimes all it takes is for a person to care about someone else to make a major difference….

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