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T.M. Family Foundation, Inc. (TMFF) was founded in 1999 as a promoter of child safety and emergency information software called My-Child©.  On April 12, 2004 it was granted a non-profit 501(c) (3) public charity 509(a) (2) status by the IRS. Our principal office is located at 14 Gloryland Way La Luz, NM

Organizational History:  Mark Brookbank developed a state of the art child safety and emergency information software package called Ident-a-Child© in 1991 to help families be prepared for emergencies such as an injury or abduction. The desire to find a way to help families struck home after seeing numerous cases of child abductions and parents were not prepared with pictures or basic information. It was designed to provide information immediately to medical or law enforcement personnel and to interface with programs such as Amber Alert. In 1999 Tammy Brookbank, a daycare owner, met Mark Brookbank, computer programmer, and found that they had a common interest, helping children and families.  TMFF was started when Tammy and Mark joined forces.  Mark and Tammy later married. Mark continued working on the software and designing the website.  The name was changed to My-Child© and a package called My-Medic© was added to the product line. 


TMFF is now owned and directed by Tammy Brookbank, Patrick Whitman and Rebecca Whitman-Boyd. TMFF is continuing to grow from a simple internet based information provider into a multi-faceted human services organization.

Our Philosophy is helping people help themselves. We want to give people a “hand up” not a “hand out”.  We believe in helping the whole person physical, emotional, mental and spiritual not just one part. 


To fulfill that philosophy we are developing 10 acres of land into a facility called “The Way”.  “The Way” is an alcohol and drug free environment that promotes and support positive living for people experiencing a life change.  With the ever changing economy more and more people are looking for help to get through a crisis or life changes they find themselves in.  At “The Way” you will find friendly staff who know first-hand what it means to need help with a life change. Not to mention experience and skills in many different areas that can help someone rebuild their life. 







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