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TMFF believes in a “Hand Up” not a “Hand Out” way of doing things and has been developing a successful programs to assist willing people by educating them with new skills that will  help them make a positive difference in their own lives and the community.

TMFF believes in each “individual” and the need for that individual to have the freedom to find their own way through ethical education, new skills, vision, purpose and support.


TMFF believes that each individual is part of a “Family” that is the cornerstone of their future and the health of our collective World. The ‘Family’ unit needs to be protected. TMFF’s mission is to help Families, and children in crisis throughout the Community.


The aim of  TMFF is to encourage and help individuals to become     self-dependent and productive through education, personal health and wellness, new technology, job training and job placement skills.


We at TMFF hope that you will look through our complete website to see how we might help you and also extend a warm ’Welcome’ if you wish to help us or support us with these goals.  Please pick the related button to view what TMFF is doing in each of the above areas.


Thank You for your interest!!!


 TMFF welcomes the assistance of all businesses and individuals that also support Child Safety and Family Welfare in the hopes that together, we can put an end to missing children and abuse.


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