Text Box: Adult Programs

Fees  for the use of the building and classes will be by donation only….


The purpose of these programs are to help people adjust and return to the community in a productive and functional lifestyle.


The purpose of this program is to provide useful computer job skills and computer knowledge to people of all ages to meet the needs of changing technology.



As our organization is at the growth stage of business, we are building a new network of Adult Programs .

A multi-purpose building is being planned that will be open to the community and available for past residents.  The multi-purpose building will have job and computer skills classes, sewing classes, Bible study groups, arts & craft groups, quilting groups, literacy classes, public computers etc…

This program includes training in areas such as:

· Basic computer usage

· Internet access

· Information entry for Electronic Job Placement Questionnaires

· Email, Microsoft Office, Android, Windows, QuickBooks

· Job Interviewing Skills

· Social media usage such as Facebook


Please come back and visit this page as we continue to grow.

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