Text Box: Community Programs

TMFF has developed a program called “Work-4U”. The concept is simple. From time to time we all need something done such as cleaning out the garage, trimming hedges, or a wide variety of tasks. TMFF will provide qualified people and a Supervisor to come and do your particular job for you. All costs are by donation only unless there is some cost of material or disposal included in the work such as hauling materials to the dump or painting supplies for an example.


Down Ribbon: Plans for a future

Outdoor arena:  That will be open to the community, past and present residents.  This area will be a covered, graveled area complete with an outdoor kitchen and eating area, sound system, and fireplace with seating area.  It will be available for weddings, family reunions, group meetings, benefit dinners, concerts etc…

 Fees will be donation based with a deposit for cleaning.

As our organization is at the growth stage of business, we are building a new network of Community Programs .

The Community programs will include placing people out the community in functional work placement situations, preparing them to return to family situations with new coping skills and helping them feel good about themselves through self achievement.


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